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Instructions for Wounds

& DETOX BATH is designed to be a ‘topical’ response to all kinds of wounds which are not responding to normal wound treatments.  It is very effective for skin problems such as bed sores, rashes, acne, minor cuts, blisters, surgeries, stitches,  abrasions, and other injuries to the skin that don’t seem to heal readily.  Diabetic sores respond amazingly.  Best choice for first aid response to injuries.

This product uses dry stabilized oxygen in granular form diluted with warm water to re-oxygenate wounds. Fights anaerobic bacteria which may cause many infections to be ‘drug resistant’ to other therapies. Insect stings and spider bites  are notorious for causing anaerobic infections like gangrene. Soaking with this warm solution may be very helpful and effective.
Serious cuts and puncture wounds may require the attention of a physician.

OPALINE® WOUND CARE & DETOX BATH can be used several different ways. For sores on the feet or hands you can make a ‘solution’ by dissolving the oxygen granules in warm water, then soaking the affected area for 20 to 30 minutes.  Do not rinse, just pat dry.  You can make a bandage for larger wound areas by folding a clean paper towel to the size of the wound and saturate in Wound Care solution and tape in place.

OPALINE® WOUND CARE & DETOX BATH can also be made into a ‘poultice’ by mixing a small amount of the dry oxygen granules with a few drops of hot water and applied directly to a wound.  This can cause short term discomfort such as stinging but is very effective when you need to take an aggressive approach to a wound. Hold the poultice in place with a warm, wet cloth, paper towel or bandage. Several hours later remove bandage and lightly brush the granules off the wound. Do not rinse.
**Avoid any contact with eyes. In case of accidental eye contact, flush with large amounts of cool water and seek medical attention.

Now  available in 8 oz and 32 oz sizes !!
            8 oz               $15.98
            32 oz               $49.98

Opaline ® Dry Oxy  contains no halogens, (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine, astatine) chlorite, sodium chloride, sodium dioxide, or PVP (polyvinylpyrilidone) which is a plastic nano particle, many of which other Oxygen Supplements Might CONTAIN.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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