“Oxygen: Purposes and Uses

By Sandra Lemire
© May 11, 2011

  1. Some people today are oxygen deficient, both at high altitude, in the cities with smog and other polution, and during exercise programs.
  2. Oxygen is available at sea level at approximately 16 % but that does not allow for pollution and toxins in the air. It is far less at higher altitudes, like Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, and so forth. I believe it needs to be 19 % to be considered healthy.
  3. Burning the rain forests, more gasoline engines on the road, more industry burning coal and gas, contribute to a larger hole in the ozone layer. You are theoretically competing with your car for oxygen. It needs oxygen to run and you do too.
  4. Supplementing Oxygen—With OPALINE® DRY OXY Capsules—send oxygen to the intestinal tract when combined and activated by water to be picked up by the blood supply going to the digestive system. That is the largest blood supply in the body.
  5. When the lungs are breathing out, they are not accepting oxygen, but are exchanging and expelling CO2, Carbon Dioxide from the body. That means that 50 % of the time the lungs are NOT getting Oxygen into the blood stream when you exhale.
  6. If you can only get Oxygen from the lungs, and only get fluids and electrolytes from the Intestinal tract for hydration, then the blood supply is challenged as to which need is greater, during stress, exercise, surgery, recovery, athletic competition, or work that is physically demanding.
  7. If you take our Oxygen Supplement (OPALINE® DRY OXY) you will not only have Oxygen being made available to the blood supply but at the same time the blood can pick up fluids and electrolytes as well from the digestive tract. This gives both elements to the blood at the same time and place.
  8. During normal times, the Oxygen supplement is available to assist in removing toxins from the body. The starting place would be the CO2, Carbon Dioxide.
  9. Carbonated beverages are using CO2 for the bubble in the drinks. This is putting CO2, carbon dioxide INTO the body for the blood to pick up and flood into the blood stream. This puts a bigger load on the lungs to expell more CO2.
  10. When someone breathes very fast, as during exertion or exercise, the blood can flow so fast through the lungs that the “exchange” of letting go of the CO2 and picking up the Oxygen maynot be accomplished. The CO2 is debris in the blood (picked up from tired muscles from exercise), which needs to be removed from the blood supply and breathed out from the lungs. But when the heart rate is too fast and the breathing too fast, this does not happen and the body becomes more toxic.
  11. It is IMPORTANT to understand HYPERBERIC OXYGEN THERAPY (which is pressurized oxygen at very high concentration in a locked chamber where you breath it in and assimilate it through the skin as well) and the similarities of Oxygen Dietary Supplements. HBOT are often given once a week for issues like diabetic wounds, and differently for carbon monoxide poisoning, scuba diving problems, and burns. This is an expensive treatment that is not always available to everyone depending on their location and medical facilities. Plus it takes a Physician to order the use of this treatment. 
  12. Taking OPALINE® DRY OXY Capsules can be done several times a day without problems or prescriptions. The oxygen is AVAILABLE in the digestive system and only picked up from waiting red hemoglobin cells of the blood if they are ready to pick them up. If the body doesn’t need more oxygen it will pass on through the body and be eliminated. Dosing is determined by your own body weight and the issue at hand. Many people living at high altitudes take it for “high altitude sickness” on a daily basis to maintain their oxygen levels and not be oxygen deprived. They may take single capsules more often to keep the blood level supplied throughout the day. 
  13. “Oxygen therapy (as in hyperbaric oxygen therapy) IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN American Medicine.” Quote from Dr. William Maxfield from his article in Newsmax. The Brain uses 20 % of Oxygen in the body.
  14. Oxygen is able to treat “idling neurons” that are a result of traumatic brain injury or other damage to the brain, by supplying oxygen to them and can reactivate them in many cases of strokes, comas, traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as persistent vegetative states.
  15. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) has been shown to “increase the number of stem cells in your body up to 8 times.
  16. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the No. 1 killer of civilians from age 3 to 33. This includes auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, and violence.
  17. TBI is the number one issue for returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. “It is the signature wound of the war on terror.
  18. In the USA, HBOT is only approved for 15 issues, while in Europe and other countries it is used for as many as 73 problems. Why is this? The American Medical Community generally makes aggressive use of Pharmaceuticals. That would create a void in their bottom line, if people could get adequate or maybe even better help with the use of Oxygen Therapies. On top of that, off-label uses of HBOT or other Oxygen supplement therapies that require a prescription are not easily reimbursed by the insurance community.
  1. Possible situations that may benefit from oxygen supplementation:

    A. Brain Damage both Traumatic and for other reasons.

    B. Idling neurons (neurons that are alive but dormant for years)

    C. Strokes, Comas, Auto injuries, Sports injuries, falls, violence,

    D. High Altitude Sickness

    E. Scuba Diving

    F. Athletic exhaustion

    G. Work demands for physical performance (Firemen, Paramedics,)

    H. Endurance work, night shift work, (Pilots, truck drivers, nurses, Surgeons, Trauma Care Workers)

    I. Seizures, Chronic Vertigo, Cerebral Palsy, Sciatica, Parkinson’s, Lyme Disease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Jet Lag,

    J. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning,

    K. Chemo Brain

    L. Multiple Sclerosis, (including better bladder control)

    M. Paraplegia (after spinal cord injury causing amputation)

    N. Gangrene, from Diabetic wounds and puncture wounds such as spider bites.

    O. Mini Strokes (possibly major strokes)

    P. Used before By-Pass surgery-Less blood loss, decreased injury to the heart, shortened time for recovery, reduced complications.

    Q. Hangovers.

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