All four formulas are Kosher (no ingredients containing animal protein or animal components), no silicones, Dimethicones, artificial  fragrances, dyes, no animal testing, no artificial parabens used for preservatives (rejected by many countries as a preservative), no  Phenoxyethanol (chemical preservative currently finding disfavor for MANY serious side effects). Only organic, safe, non chemical  preservatives, used in plural concert to provide safety and long shelf life. Our preservative components have been used on babies and elderly  alike with good results and have a pristine track record.


The foundation of this creme innately helps heal skin, moisturizes and reduces skin pain and irritation as do all four of these formulas.

The additional qualities that make it special for cosmetic purposes are: Hydrolyzed Silk Protein which gives a silky smooth feel, excellent  moisture binding attracting and holding moisture, and leaves a very clear, thin film with little residue. There is no oily or no tacky feeling,  it soothes and smoothes the skin adding moisture and preparing for makeup or a good night’s sleep. Combined with some other oils it has  an “easy spread ability,” sets up nicely for make-up, and leaves skin feeling moist all day. I’ve already seen wrinkles become less visible.


As with the other cremes in this line, the foundation innately moisturizes, and helps relieve pain, irritation and discomfort.

This formula takes the skin relief and comfort process to a new level. There is a higher level of antimicrobials, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and  other infectious micro-organisms that are built into this creme which is designed as a “Wound Care” cream. It contains Manuka Honey from  New Zealand rated VERY high, which has the highest level of antimicrobial affect due to the flowers of the Melaluca Tree. This antimicrobial  component is synergistic with the other two organic preservatives that are a foundation of the cream. That puts three different wound care  preservative, antimicrobial components all working together with the other wonderful ingredients in this cream.

Another addition to this formula is Baobab (pronounced “bow-bab”) Hydrolyzed Protein, which is organic, and derived from the seeds of the  “Tree of Life” found only in Africa. It has extremely high levels of antioxidants and amino acids which promote healing, conditioning,  softening of the skin while improving strength and elasticity.


Again, the core foundation of this product has all the anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and pain relieving benefits that they all have.

The additional components for this cream are Special Fresh Water Pearls from Asia. They are Hydrolyzed in a patented high tech biochemical  way releasing 14 to 18 different amino acids and 8 minerals that are readily absorbed into the skin. This is not just a pearlized affect added  to the cream, rather the benefits are built into the performance of this cream on the skin by the protein component of these special pearls.  It is the way they are processed which allows them to actually integrate into the skin.

The most amazing thing with this pearl formula is that it helps restore damaged skin and tissue by design. It protects from chapping,  dryness due to cold, wind or even from sunburns. It can be used to help speed comfort and healing affects after skin treatments. When this  is combined with the antimicrobial affects built into this formulation, there is a profound renewing and nurturing affect for aged, damaged,  dry or overworked skin.

Special humectants, oils and moisturizing components also add to the smooth, fresh feeling that the skin has in reaction to all of the  ingredients. This cream would be great as a night cream as it has lasting moisturizing affects.


This creme is therapeutic in nature with amazing results for relief of pain, burning, itching, irritations, blemishes, acne, dermatitis  conditions, shingles, rosacea, sunburns, chapping, wind burn, sun burn, diaper rashes, candida rashes, and also aids in fighting bacterial  issues as well. It can be used several times a day and applied almost anywhere to relieve the many types of discomfort that go with a  multitude of skin problems. This is the most concentrated of all four formulas addressing wound or problem skin issues.

Men seem especially interested in trying these cremes as they have the shaving irritation, lack of make-up or other skin protection and take  the brunt of all the elements in nature working against them. These cremes can be used anywhere on the body where chaffing, burns,  irritations, wounds, surface wounds, skin reactions to surroundings (like sunburns, allergies, itching, rashes, some dermatitis cases, and  dryness), possibly even help with pain associated with shingles and rosacea.