HELP Recovery from COVID-19
Know somebody recovering from COVID-19?

We’ve been told by people recovering from COVID-19 that residual problems persist affecting breathing, brain fog and ability to physically function due to the lack of oxygen intake.

Some of these people tell us they have used OPALINE DRY OXY CAPS, and they have been very helpful, very quickly to provide the needed Oxygen for them to speed up their recovery process.

Yes, they noticed incredible benefits, some within 24 hours, to get strength and energy returning for physical and mental abilities that were hampered by their illness of COVID-19.

It only makes sense since COVID-19 inhibits the body’s ability to process enough oxygen through their lungs. Being able to supplement oxygen intake through the digestive system only makes good sense.

It appears that taking three doses per day and increasing the dose normally taken by one or more capsules works to get the body and brain nourished and on the mend.

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Follow guidelines of taking with large glass of water followed by a meal for best results!