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Oxygen Supplements. Let’s Compare Notes

There are many opinions and products addressing our ability to increase available Oxygen in the body.

By Sandra Lemire
© October 14, 2014

·  Dietary supplements making oxygen available in the digestive tract is a great idea!

They are not dependent on each person’s lung functions that allow their bodies to access the available oxygen through breathing alone. This oxygen through breathing alone is not only affected by lung function, smoking, and pollution, but also altitude and activities. This presence of oxygen, o2 is sometimes used as a means of killing bacteria (particularly anaerobic bacteria) and other microorganisms that are harmful (pathogenic) which cannot live in the presence of that oxygen (i.e. food poisoning).

·  Gel caps are much stronger than veggie caps!

Gel caps are much stronger than veggie caps, and do not allow moisture to soften the caps or permeate into the contents to access and activate the oxygen inside. This helps give a very long shelf life and dependable delivery of oxygen because the oxygen is kept stable in the gel caps. Our Oxygen is released when the capsule combines with water.

·  Opaline chose NOT to combine oxygen with magnesium!

Magnesium might be desired or needed at a different rate and level (and a different type or variety as there are many to choose from), than the correct or desired need for oxygen as supplements.

·  All oxygen products are alkaline!

Liquid oxygen or peroxides, as dietary supplements are swallowed. Consider that saliva is normally pH 7, neutral. Swallowing liquid oxygen or peroxide is going to make pH changes starting in your mouth all the way to the stomach. Liquid oxygen or peroxides often contain chlorine as stabilizers; we would not that want either. Think about the safety factor of trying to “micro-dose” Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (35% active) since one ounce treats 100 gallons of water. WOW! If used too strong, it could cause great harm to tissue.

·  Opaline Dry Oxy can help neutralize the acid pH of the stomach!

The alkaline pH of our Opaline Dry Oxy is appropriate to be combined with stomach acid to help neutralize the acid pH that is already produced by the stomach. This is a great benefit to people who suffer from Acid Reflux, GERD, and Barrett’s Esophagus.

People with high levels of stomach acid, not only have difficulty with normal diets (fruits, juices, vegetables, some spices and other acid based foods and supplements like Vitamin C), but are very careful about anything that elevates the stomach acid levels. Refer to: http://www.mgwater.com/bicarb.shtml to learn more about magnesium bicarbonate which can be made with Milk of Magnesia and Club Soda. It is a natural way to make your own antacid counter measure with magnesium bicarbonate for the high acid pH in your stomach.

·  Opaline Dry Oxy caps reported to give noticeable rise of “energy!”

The Opaline Dry Oxy caps are reported by most users to give such a noticeable elevation or rise of .energy. that we recommend people do NOT take it after their last meal (dinner) or at night before bed. It will likely keep them awake. If they happen to work nights such as emergency care workers, firemen, truck drivers, and others, the Dry Oxy can be very useful in helping to keep alert and focused.

We recommend that Opaline Dry Oxy caps be taken just BEFORE or with a meal or snack to get the caps plus the 8 full to 12 ounces of water, always needed when taking Dry Oxy, working together. The food becomes a “cap” to move the oxygen further into the digestive system. It helps prevent the oxygen from being “burped” out.

·  Magnesium supplements are necessary in our diets!

The food industry is bombarding our food with “added calcium” which hardens the arteries, facilitates arthritis, raises blood pressure, and stresses the heart. Without supplementing the magnesium levels to allow the calcium to be metabolized, this added calcium can become dangerous.

·  Vitamin C supplements — Not always good for People with GERD, Acid Reflux or Barrett’s Esophagus!

I could never take a Vitamin C supplement, when I had GERD and Barrett.s. I might be eating dinner out and have an attack in a restaurant due to the recipe. I was a walking time bomb!

·  Magnesium–A “colonic cleansing” agent!

I discovered magnesium is also a “colonic cleansing” agent. Depending on which type of magnesium, the dose and frequency of taking it, the benefits to a sluggish digestive system can be quite amazing. Our Opaline Oxygen is not used or designed as a “colon cleanse”.

·  Magnesium–A “colonic cleansing” agent!

I discovered magnesium is also a “colonic cleansing” agent. Depending on which type of magnesium, the dose and frequency of taking it, the benefits to a sluggish digestive system can be quite amazing. Our Opaline Oxygen is not used or designed as a “colon cleanse”.

·  Dehydration. diarrhea causes fluid loss &-Potassium Loss!

As in everything in life, moderation is the key. Milk of Magnesia is used as a laxative, and an antacid, for a reason. The magnesium! But, any laxative product has cautionary advice about problems that can come with constant use, or over use. When diarrhea occurs (it could also be a colon cleanse), whether it is circumstantial or created, there often are some negative repercussions. The first is dehydration as body fluids are leaving the body too quickly to be replaced. When that happens, whether due to diarrhea or vomiting, the electrolyte levels of the body are unfavorably affected. 

·  Potassium is necessary to maintain life!!

One of the most dramatic problems of dehydration is demonstrated by the loss of potassium. A drop in the potassium level can have serious consequences. Potassium is necessary to maintain life, and is not stored. It must be replaced daily. The loss of proper potassium in your system can cause decreased appetite, even failure to eat or drink (often seen in sick people, children or animals with diarrhea) which accelerates the problem due to even less potassium being added back to the body.

Many people supplement their potassium through their diet by eating bananas, potatoes, avocado, some pretzels, orange juice and other dietary sources. I also use Morton’s LITE salt which is fifty percent potassium and fifty percent sodium. This Morton’s Lite salt might be a start to adding more potassium. This reduces sodium and adds potassium chloride to your diet. There are many other salts available with minerals such as sea salt and more. 

·  Babies and others die of dehydration!!!!

Dehydration caused by diarrhea or vomiting can be life threatening. Not only due to potassium loss, there is also loss of sodium and dextrose (aka sugar) which can cause weakness, coma, and other complications, accompanied by loose stools. I learned the need and wisdom of tracking the body’s electrolytes when my son was an eleven month old baby and almost died due to dehydration from diarrhea that was unable to be controlled. The Doctor taught me that more babies die of dehydration than all other diseases combined. This is due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the seriousness of dehydration to the body. Colon cleanses might be desirable for some on occasions, but should not be practiced on a daily basis or too frequently due to possible electrolyte imbalances

·  Oxygen supplements and magnesium supplements.When taken in combination–Not Always Synergistic!

If the effort to get more oxygen and have more energy is at cross purposes to getting more magnesium which might cause .diarrhea. or similar dehydration due to colon cleansing effects, then they might not be as synergistic as people think.

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