27 09, 2016

#6 The Day I Learned to Stop Smoking

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The Day I Learned to Stop Smoking By Sandra Lemire © 8-5-15 I remember every moment of that Monday back in 1986, that I learned to stop smoking. I was 41, living alone up in the mountains above Reno, NV on Fawn Lane at the end of the one mile road that then had been paved. [...]

20 10, 2015

#5 Your Personal Army Blog 5– Part One

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   “YOUR PERSONAL ARMY” © How Your Body Defends You Every Day!    Blog #5 ~PART ONE~ October 20, 2015 I want to share a little analogy with you today. I learned this from my Veterinarian about 32 years ago. It’s about the army of defenders that we all have in our bodies. They are called “Antibodies.” They are found in both animal and human bodies. They defend us against “Antigens”—The invaders (microbiological organisms primarily bacterial or viral and more). DEFINITIONS Definition: “Antibody”-Wikipedia, dictionary.reference.com/browse/antibody   specialized proteins that defend against foreign substances in the body. They are produced by white blood cells known as B lymphocytes (B Cells).   When an “Antigen” binds to the B-cell surface, it stimulates the B cell to divide and mature into a group of identical cells called a clone. dictionary.reference.com/browse/antigen     Dictionary.com “Antigen”-a toxin or other foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies. Antigen definition: Immunology. any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies and combine specifically with them. INTRODUCTION This lays the foundation for understanding how our immune systems are designed to respond “individually” to the particular antigens that you as an individual will come in contact with. When an antigen (could be bacteria, virus, mycoplasma or other invader) enters your body having contact with your blood stream, your own personal army of antibodies become “coded” to that particular antigen. Then, the miraculous part is that the antibodies immediately replicate and clone millions more of the same coded antibodies that will target only that particular antigen (or invader). These would be from newly formed antibodies that have not yet been coded to have a receptor that is keyed to that antigen. They are “neutral” until such contact happens. […]

30 08, 2015

#4 Magnesium – A Two-sided Coin! ©

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The Mystery of Understanding Magnesium To talk about Magnesium is like describing gold. It has so many attributes, conflicts, benefits, confusions, and misunderstandings. Part of that is due to recognizing that Magnesium comes in MANY different forms. Each form has a different “persona,” use, ability, talent, and side effects. Most everything I’m sharing is what I have “gleaned” from research (primarily on the internet-as well as reading copious labels). I’ve provided some links for all of you to read at length and come to your own conclusions. […]

21 08, 2015

#3 Back In The Day! ©

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Doctors were the pharmacy Many of you may not have been born “back in the day” when medication was given by the Doctor in little brown bottles with no identification as to what it was. Mostly a plain white sticky-back label with your name and often a hand written scribble of how to take it–“1  2 X daily.” […]

14 08, 2015

#2 Formulas vs. Recipes ©

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Sometimes “Less” is “More” It’s kind of like cooking. You can start with a recipe for beef stew (just off the top of my head). […]

2 08, 2015

#1 Building Your Immune System ©

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OPALINE® DRY OXY™ caps are a dietary supplement that is designed to help your own immune system improve (if that is possible) and work at peak performance. It is important to understand that many grievances that a person might have are about some invasive organism (known as a “pathogen”-causing harm to the host) that has set up “housekeeping” in their body. Everything from the common cold, to cancer is targeting your immune system, in one way or another. […]