Oxygen is the ULTIMATE PURIFIER, ANTIBIOTIC, CLEANER, and NEUTRALIZER on Earth! ©  8-14-2012

Oxygen is the primary reason that the EARTH supports LIFE!

The many pollutants, poisons, contaminants, toxins, bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold, carbon dioxide, and on and on, are controlled and counter balanced with more oxygen!******

Unplug a pump on a fish tank and watch how long it takes for the fish to die.

When Chlorine biodegrades as it mixes with water, it produces Dioxin. Dioxin is one of the “Dirty Dozen” of toxins. It is one of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man. CHLORINE is ALSO a HALOGEN!

Many years ago, in Washington and Oregon, the forest industry and paper mills were using CHLORINE BLEACH to bleach the paper for stationery, newspapers and cigarettes, among many other things. Because of this, most of the fish, ducks, birds, frogs and other wildlife died. The entire area became nearly desolate of natural WILDLIFE. The chlorine created Dioxin which was killing the ability of the lakes, streams, and rivers to support life. The run-off from the “Chlorine saturated water” used in the milling process was destroying these states’ wildlife community and ultimately entering into the water supply of the people as well.

The EPA stepped in and told them ENOUGH! Then people began to smoke brown cigarettes, and use tan stationery. That was just the beginning of weaning people off of pure white paper products. The industry still had to make more changes!

The millers found out that they could use Oxygen products, similar to ours that DID NOT CONTAIN CHLORINE, and still get the “bleaching” effect without the chlorine or the toxins like dioxin. So to this day, these are what they use.

I believe that Oxygen is EXACTLY what people today need more of. The body is complex and WANTS to heal itself. It knows how to use Oxygen, just like every living thing on earth knows how to use Oxygen. It is our life source in physical terms. From our first breath, to our last, every moment ON THIS EARTH is dependent on OXYGEN. If people who are suffering from exposure to toxicity, dealing with physical trauma, stress, high altitude issues, illnesses, and are then denied getting supplemental oxygen to assist their bodies to cope with these deficiencies or toxins, they will continue to deplete their body’s resources until they no longer can continue. Oxygen is extremely beneficial for sports and athletic events that put a greater demand on the human body as well.

When a person is treated in the hospital or put into an ambulance, the first thing the first responders give them is oxygen! When coming out of surgery, during surgery, or dealing with life-threatening traumas, getting them on Oxygen is considered life-saving!

“Opaline® Dry Oxy” and “Opaline® Wound Care & Detox Bath” Products DO NOT CONTAIN ANY CHLORINE OR SISTER TOXINS. THEY DO NOT CONTAIN ANY HALOGENS.


With Warm Regards,
Personal Opinion of Sandra Lemire
General Manager

Opaline® Solutions, LLC


Opaline ® Dry Oxy  contains no halogens, (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine, astatine) chlorite, sodium chloride, sodium dioxide, or PVP (polyvinylpyrilidone) which is a plastic nano particle, many of which other Oxygen Supplements Might CONTAIN.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.