“Not All Oxygen Is Alike

By Sandra Lemire
© May 27, 2011

Oxygen is finally getting the attention it deserves. Over the last 7 + years the public and even the medical field is taking a new look at the benefits of Oxygen.I want to bring everyone’s attention to the many forms in which Oxygen is available to you. You can get access to Oxygen in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments (at medical facilities under Dr.s care and Wound Care Treatment Centers), Oxygen Bars (located at airports, malls, and other public places), Oxygen tanks that are portable under Dr. or other medical  supervision, Hospital and Traumatic Care Units (during Traumas, surgeries, and medical emergencies), Hydrogen Peroxide (available in Drug Stores, Health Food Stores and Grocery Stores), and more recently “on line” in Liquid Drops, Oxygen Tablets or capsules combined with Magnesium (generally ionized) used as Colon Cleansing, and Capsules (Like Opaline® Dry Oxy Capsules) which are a dietary Supplement, and Opaline® Wound Care & Detox Bath used to soak and clean wounds of all kinds. All of this makes the point that Oxygen is here to stay and people are recognizing the benefits of having it available for their personal situations. A Hyperbaric Chamber was in use back in the mid 1960’s at Brooks School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio, TX. (now known as U. S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine). It was used during the designing of the space suits for space travel for NASA. It also was used to treat “the Benz” which is a result of scuba diving and surfacing too quickly creating Nitrogen in the blood and having insufficient oxygen to reverse this life threatening problem. Without the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) these patients would have died. They also used HBOT to cure gangrene wounds as Oxygen is proven to stop the growth of gangrene (three varieties) which are an anaerobic bacteria–not able to live in the presence of Oxygen. Gangrene rarely is treatable by using antibiotics and without Oxygen treatment commonly results in amputations of the affected limbs. Diabetics have a serious problem due to limited circulation to their extremities which opens the door to anaerobic infections like gangrene due to the lack of Oxygen from the blood stream. HBOT is still currently a mainstay treatment for gangrene. Wound Care facilities are quite common using HBOT regularly for the treatment of Wounds. Oxygen Barsare used to help people deal with many issues of Oxygen Deficiency such as migraines, muscle fatigue, brain fog, jet lag, high altitude, asthma, detoxification, etc. Jet pilots routinely use straight Oxygen in a face mask before and during flights (especially if they have a “hang-over” :-). Oxygen can keep them from becoming unconscious due to high speeds, high altitudes, G-forces, and fast altitude changes. Many people use various forms of portable Oxygen machines prescribed by their physician for problems like pneumonia, asthma, pulmonary hyper tension, congestive heart failure, emphysema, and many more. The problems with this method of treatment include traveling, difficulty managing the equipment, fire hazard, and potential for pneumonia from moisture build-up in the tubes. A Physician’s supervision and prescription are required for this treatment. It is difficult to manage a normal “lifestyle.” Most everyone who goes into a hospital or is transported by ambulance for trauma knows that the first thing that happens is that you are connected to Oxygen through a tube that goes around your ears and has a nose apparatus or a mask to deliver Oxygen to your lungs to assist you during your treatment or transport. This is done both as a preventative and as a preparation for whatever extended treatment might lie ahead for your condition. It is a “safety net.” You cannot smoke during this treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% has been around in the medicine cabinet since our grandmothers were the  armchair Doctors of the family. It has been proven safe, effective, accessible and affordable for over 80 years. Wounds of all kinds have prompted people to go for the Peroxide as a first aid treatment at home to clean wounds and if anaerobic bacteria are present, it might even eradicate the problem.If you look on our “Recommended Reading” page of www.Opaline Solutions.com you will see that we recommend a book called “Hydrogen Peroxide, the Medical Miracle.” It’s a tiny book with a wealth of information about uses and history of Hydrogen Peroxide including using it intravenously (too scary for me).  It’s worth the read, in my opinion.

Liquid Drops (under many commercial names) are marketed “on line” as a dietary additive to give Oxygen support through the digestive tract. They come in a variety of combinations with other additives. The issue to be considered with the use of these liquid peroxide drops is that, like Hydrogen Peroxide, they are oxygen molecules suspended in a liquid that needs some kind of “Chlorine” or sister component additive to keep the Oxygen stabilized in the liquid. Sodium Chloride is common, along with many other additives. The problem with Chlorine molecules is that when they combine with water, they “bio-degrade” and become “DIOXIN,” which is the most carcinogenic chemical known to man. That’s why the paper companies had to stop using chlorine bleach for manufacturing paper products, as the Dioxin created was killing the natural fauna like fish, frogs, birds, ducks, etc. of our streams and rivers. Is this what you want to add to your diet on a daily basis?

More recently, Oxygen (in the form of Ozone O3) has been combined with things like Magnesium to use as a Colon Cleanse. I believe there are several of these products available “on line.” The Magnesium is the ingredient that actually triggers the colon cleanses and many people take Magnesium Supplements to accomplish the same result. There are many to choose from.

Lastly we come to Opaline® Dry Oxy Capsules, and Opaline® Wound Care and Detox Bath. They are a “dry stabilized oxygen” capsule used as a dietary supplement and a detoxification bathing solution also used as a wound application. See our Products Page.

“I have personally experienced the effect of having taken Opaline® Dry Oxy oxygen orally during a medical reaction to a pill causing my heart to race, and gasping for air. After taking the Opaline® Dry Oxy, within 5 to 10 minutes my heart rate returned to normal as did my breathing. After talking to the Pharmacy, I know that I could have died. That is my own Testament. I don’t speak for anyone else.” (by Sandra Lemire)