Sometimes “Less” is “More”

It’s kind of like cooking. You can start with a recipe for beef stew (just off the top of my head). Each time a new medication (could be prescription or OTC –Over the Counter) is added to the pot (that would be you), it changes the entire flavor of the stew. The end result can be something that nobody even recognizes. You add too much salt, Yikes! Then you add too much pepper, again, Yikes. Add tomato sauce and it’s looking more like spaghetti sauce. With each ingredient the entire recipe shifts and it becomes difficult to recognize what you started with or what you were trying to make.

As you wean off of different things, and your own body remembers how to resume it’s “normal” functions, the confusion of symptoms is less a result of side effects of the ingredients added to the pot.

Just a side note. Since you are such a good investigator.  The difference between “baking” and “cooking.”  With “baking” you add ingredients that blend and are no longer recognizable as separate participants. Like a cake. Add flour, salt, sugar, eggs, baking soda, flavor, vanilla, etc. They blend and become a “formula.” You can no longer separate each ingredient.

While with “cooking,” go back to the beef stew as an example. You add beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, etc. Even after you cook these together you can still separate what is a potato, a carrot, piece of beef….. This is a “recipe.”

If you think of yourself as a “Formula” you can visualize that everything that you add to your “intake” through your mouth (for instance) becomes part of the whole entity (you), as it is blended with everything else. It is now part of the whole body of what your make-up is. That makes it more difficult to separate out each component of what is in the “formula” and figure out what affects that component has on the whole being.

In the case of your body as a Recipe, you might analyze that what you wear every day is part of the recipe, but does not become part of the formula. You take the clothes off, change them, etc. and you are not different. Only one element of the “Recipe” changes and does not affect the whole you.

I’m not sure if any of this matters or makes sense, but for me as a manufacturer of products for over 30 years, it was taught to me in the beginning by my chemist to understand the difference between these. I don’t think that many people understand that every time they add an ingredient that enters their system (sometimes in diet or IV’s, etc.) they are changing the Formula that is their basic make-up physically and neurologically. The closer you can get to eliminating ingredients that affect the total being negatively, the sooner you can regain who you were born to be and help your body return to its “innate state of health.”

By Sandra Lemire ©



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