Opaline “Smooth As Silk™” Skin Creme


Smooth As Silk Skin Recovery Creme

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The foundation of this creme innately helps heal skin, moisturizes and reduces skin pain, inflammation and irritation as do all four of these formulas. These components perform incredibly for people with allergic or sensitive skin who normally react negatively to ingredients in most cosmetic products.

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, the magic touch!

Since we have eliminated the majority of the problem ingredients from the start, the wonderful Hydrolyzed Silk Protein becomes the star ingredient that provides the translucent, soft as a baby’s skin results which create a moisturizer built for working well with all kinds of foundations and make-ups. There is no “muddy” effect created by silicone, Dimethecones, lanolin, and other greasy, sticky, tacky, elements that you can feel the moment you put them on your face. Our ultra-light Silk moisture creme is best when NOT used with heavy thick make-up foundations, as you can get a muddy unpredictable result that evolves over the day and deteriorates into deeper wrinkles as the day wears on.
The additional qualities that make it special for cosmetic purposes are: Hydrolyzed Silk Protein which gives a silky smooth feel, excellent moisture binding attracting and holding moisture, and leaves a very clear, thin film with little residue. There is no oily or tacky feeling, as it soothes and smoothes the skin adding moisture and preparing for makeup or a good night’s sleep. Combined with some other precious oils it has an “easy spread ability,” sets up nicely for make-up, and leaves skin feeling moist all day. I’ve already seen fine lines become less visible.

The delicate transparent, translucent, formula is great for sensitive skin, and a wonderful combination with all kinds of make-up. The more you use this Creme the more it will spoil you and keep you coming back to get that velvet touch, and watch fine lines disappear.


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