Opaline “Honey Does!™” Skin Creme


Honey Does! Skin Recovery Creme

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OPALINE® ~ “HONEY DOES!™” Skin Creme
As with the other cremes in this line, it’s foundation innately moisturizes, and helps relieve pain, irritation and discomfort.
This formula takes the skin relief and comfort process to a new level. There is a higher level of antimicrobials, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and
other infectious micro-organisms that are built into this creme which is designed as a “Wound Care” creme. It contains Manuka Honey from New Zealand rated VERY high, which has the highest level of antimicrobial affect due to the flowers of the Melaluca Tree. This antimicrobial component is synergistic with the other two organic preservatives that are a foundation of the creme. That puts three different wound care preservative, antimicrobial components all working together with the other wonderful ingredients in this creme.
Another addition to this formula is Baobab (pronounced “bow-bab”) Hydrolyzed Protein, which is organic, and derived from the seeds of the “Tree of Life” found only in Africa. It has extremely high levels of antioxidants and amino acids which promote healing, conditioning, softening of the skin while improving strength and elasticity.

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