Opaline “Pearls Plus™” Skin Creme


Pearls Plus Skin Recovery Creme

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This very unique creme boasts additional components benefiting the foundation of this line of Cremes. These being Special Fresh Water Pearls from Asia. They are hydrolyzed in a patented high tech biochemical way releasing 14 to 18 different amino acids and a dozen minerals that are readily absorbed into the skin. This is not just a pearlized affect added to the creme, rather the benefits are built into the performance of this creme on the skin by the protein component of these special pearls.
It is the way they are processed which allows them to actually integrate into the skin. The most amazing thing with this pearl formula is that it helps restore damaged skin and tissue by design. It protects from chapping, dryness due to cold, wind or even from sunburns. It can be used to help speed comfort and healing affects after skin treatments. When this host of benefits are combined with the antimicrobial affects built into this formulation, there is a profound renewing and nurturing affect for aged, damaged,
dry or overworked skin.
Special humectants, oils and moisturizing components also add to the smooth, fresh feeling that the skin has in reaction to all of the
ingredients. This creme would be great as a night creme as it has lasting moisturizing affects.

There are also reports of lightening of the skin over time to reduce pigmentation that is troublesome.

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