This creme is therapeutic in nature with amazing results for relief of pain, burning, itching, irritations, inflammation, blemishes, acne, dermatitis conditions, sunburns, chapping, wind burn, diaper rashes, candida rashes, and also aids in fighting bacterial issues as well. It can be used often during the day and applied almost anywhere to relieve the many types of discomfort that go with a multitude of skin problems. This is the most concentrated of all four formulas addressing wound or problem skin issues.
Men seem especially interested in trying these cremes as they have the shaving irritation, lack of make-up or other skin protection and take the brunt of all the elements in nature working against them. These cremes can be used anywhere on the body where chaffing, burns, wounds, skin reactions to surroundings such as dryness, and possibly even help with pain associated with shingles and rosacea.